Mobdro has distinguished itself from other online streaming apps. Staying connected with your favourite movies, tv shows, series, music, and more such contents has been made simpler as with online streaming apps like Mobdro. Although it is an Android app since its launch, it can, however, be used on different platforms including Raspberry Pi with ease. You can download Mobdro for Raspberry Pi to stream the best free video contents from the web at any time without relying on the television. All your entertainment needs will be absolutely satisfied with the Mobdro Raspberry Pi app. It will bring you free video streams from all around the world in every language and topic.

Mobdro for Raspberry Pi
Mobdro for Raspberry Pi

The database of Mobdro app gets constant updates and you will find every other video as soon as they are uploaded on the web. You can use Mobdro on Raspberry Pi just like the Android version. The interface will be the same and you can choose your favourite channels from the huge list to stream your favourite Mobdro movies and shows. So unlike other streaming apps, you don’t have to choose the exact episodes or movies to get entertainment as with the Mobdro app. With the internet, you can pick a genre in the Mobdro app like news, sports, music, documentaries, movies, games, etc, to stream different videos at zero cost.

Mobdro is an all-in-one app that works with and without the internet. So whether you wanted to stream Mobdro movies and shows online or watch them in offline mode, it works well for either case. With Mobdro premium, you can download movies and shows to watch it any time later. You can choose your preferred video quality while using the Mobdro app on Raspberry Pi to never compensate with your video watching need. Use the bookmark feature to keep all your favourite videos organized in one place. You can use Mobdro Raspberry Pi app to share and recommend videos with your friends with one tap.

Mobdro also supports on PS4 and PS3, Firestick

How to Download Mobdro on Raspberry Pi 3

Raspberry Pi is a tiny sized affordable computer circuit that lets its users learn the programming in a fun way. It can also be used to run apps like Mobdro as it supports processing audio and video contents.

You can let enjoy streaming high-quality video contents from the Mobdro Rapsberry Pi app with ease. Get to know the steps to download and install Mobdro for Raspberry Pi 3 from below.

Step 1: At first, you have to use the command line APT Get as to install Mobdro on Raspberry Pi.

Step 2: Now, you should enter the command as ‘sudo apt-get install mobdro.’

Step 3: Now the OS will check for the storage space and repositories. It will then prompt you to confirm the Mobdro app installation on Raspberry Pi.

Step 4: Wait for the installtion of Mobdro app to complete. When it is done, you have to open the Mobdro app on Raspberry Pi and stream videos.

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How to use Mobdro on Raspberry Pi

Just like the installation process, using Mobdro on Raspberry Pi is also simple and straightforward. Make sure you have downloaded Mobdro Raspberry Pi just before proceeding further.

Step 1: Open the Mobdro app that you have installed on your Raspberry Pi.

Step 2: You will be taken to the home screen of the Mobdro app where you will see various options. It includes movies, shows, channels, music, sports, news, etc. Just click on any genre.

Mobdro Home Screen
Mobdro Home Screen

Step 3: Now a list of videos that are available in that particular genre will be shown.

Step 4: Click on any stream and on the next screen, you can choose to download or stream it.

Step 5: You can even choose the quality of the video from different options for both downloading and streaming.

The article about Mobdro for Raspberry Pi has covered almost all of the information. If you still have any queries regarding the same, then let us know from your comments.