Entertainment fans are switching from cable tv subscription to online streaming as with the huge number of benefits it is offering. Mobdro is one among the huge list of streaming apps that supports streaming tv and on-demand video contents. All the video contents available in the Mobdro app are of high-quality and you can stream them with an internet. When Mobdro has stopped suddenly, it will be quite frustrating for those who spend hours and hours of time to watch their favourite contents. In such a case, it is necessary to fix up Unfortunately Mobdro has stopped working issue to get connected with any of the streams.

Whether you want to stream or download, Mobdro should work on your device. So by fixing Mobdro has stopped working issue, you will be able to use its features at any time later. A detailed analysis has been carried out as to find out the cause for such issues along with the possible fixes. If you find Mobdro has stopped while streaming any videos and thereby looking for the best solution to fix them up, then get down the article.

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How to Fix Mobdro has Stopped Working Issue

Find out the different solutions in order to fix Unfortunately Mobdro has stopped working issue from the section below.

#1. Check Internet Connection

The first and foremost thing is to check if you device has a stable internet connection. When there is an interruption in the internet connection, then you may face Mobdro has stopped issue. So make sure, your device have stable internet or WiFi connection and it might fix the when Mobdro has stopped working.

#2. Clear App Storage

You can try clearing the app storage of the Mobdro as a way to fix up Unfortunately Mobdro has stopped working issue. By doing this, the error might be fixed up. Clearing the frequently used memory and the data associated with it would resolve most of the issues and errors in an efficient way. To do so, you can go to Settings > Apps > Mobdro > Storage > click on Clear Cache and Clear Data. Just re-launch the Mobdro app to check if the error has been resolved.

Click Clear Cache & Data
Click Clear Cache & Data

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#3. Update Mobdro

When you are using an older of Mobdro, then with the compatibility issue, Mobdro will fail to work. So it is mandatory to keep updating Mobdro app as to not get caught with such errors. You have to delete and install the Mobdro latest version from its official website on your device. Now, check if this has fixed up the Unfortunately Mobdro has stopped working issue.

Click Install
Click Install

#4. Check External Memory

At time, Mobdro will stop working when your external memory card is corrupted. When you have Mobdro app on your corrupted SD card, then you will get Mobdro has stopped working error. So to resolve it, you have to remove the card and fix it up with a new one.

#5. Upgrade Android OS

When the Android device that you have Mobdro app is running below Android 4.2, then Mobdro will stop working on it. So you must upgrade your Android OS with 4.2 and above as Mobdro app is designed to work on such devices only.

#6. Restart Device

You can try to restart your device as the most issues and errors related to Mobdro app can be fixed up. A simple restart or reboot will resolve Mobdro has stopped working issue and you can stream your favourite contents without any hassle.

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#7. Try Factory Reset

Whenever a soft reset doesn’t seems to fix Mobdro has stopped issue, then you can go for the hard reset. It is quite important to take a back up copy of your device just before going for the factory reset. When you device go back to its default state, you can install Mobdro app and use it.

We hope that any of the solutions given above has resolved Unfortunately Mobdro has Stopped working issue. Let us know if such error occur due to other reasons from your comments.